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Keeping your shop front clean
and tidy”


Tired web copy, broken links, outdated images and a ‘most recent’ blog post that’s months (years?) old. If you haven’t got the patience, confidence or, like many of our customers, the time to keep your website content fresh and engaging, there’s a team right here to help.


Our website maintenance specialists take all the stress out of keeping your site fresh and relevant by…


Creating new pages: Businesses grow, they thrive, they change. With our maintenance team on your side, you can be sure that your website will always reflect your most current offering.


Amending existing content: We can update and refresh what’s already there, whether it’s to test a new tone of voice or weed out information that’s no longer relevant.


Updating and installing new software: Old versions can lead to slow-loading pages or ineffective operations. We will check over your software regularly to make sure you’re running the most contemporary versions and offering the best UX journey.


Adding new functionality: Want to start a newsletter? We can set up a seamless capture form. Got a new social media account? We’ll link up icons for you. There are plenty of little tweaks and upgrades covered by our maintenance packages.


Dealing with support requests: Wouldn’t it be great to have a web expert at the end of the phone to answer your burning questions and fix bugs with amazing efficiency? With a Diligence maintenance package, that’s exactly what you get.


Just as you keep your offices spick and span, make sure your website’s giving off the best first impressions, too. Talk to us today on 01424 447858 about our website maintenance packages and how they can benefit your business.  

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