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Diligence Digital, the story so far...

Our tale begins back in the heady pre y2k days before the millennium bug caused untold devastation throughout the world  turned out to be just another overhyped media scare story.

A young Jeeves was hoping to answer everybody's questions about life, the universe and everything, and a small university project called backrub was actually turning out to be rather good. Meanwhile a creative designer named James packed in his comfortable midlevel job and made the brave decision to launch his own company in Hastings. The result was Pixelpuppet -an exciting company which, though small, was more than capable of picking up top clients such as Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance and the ferry operator Seafrance (sadly no longer in existence thanks to bureaucrats in Europe) due to James's keen eye for detail and open, honest communication.

At around this time a fresh faced programmer was leaving university and on the lookout for freelance work. Upon discovering Pixelpuppet and meeting with James the realisation dawned that by combining forces they could greatly improve the level of support provided to clients, creating a win-win-win scenario (our favourite kind).

So, in a decision that seems obvious now but at the time was fraught with the same consternation and worry that plagues any life changing choice, Adam Harding joined forces with James and together with another local company transformed Pixelpuppet into a fledgling full service marketing agency with a new goal and a new name. The goal: to constantly improve and adapt to new technologies, making every website as good as it can be. The name: Diligence Digital.

Many other characters came and went throughout the following years.
Some forever leaving their own mark on the company. Most metaphorically, one left an actual permanent mark on the wall that no one has ever managed to satisfactorily explain.

However there was one talented designer in particular who stayed and worked his way up from the lowly position of Junior Assistant Deputy Artist (in charge of sharpening the pencils) to eventually become Creative Director in 2011. Adam Whitnall, who changed his name by deed poll to 'Ads' in a bid to rescue James's sanity after a series of confusing name-based situations, is the third and final member of our dynamic directorship who between them have, over the past 4 years, steered Diligence Digital safely around the plethora of potential pitfalls that any small company has to face.

In that time the team has more than doubled in size in response to increased demand for our services. The goals which evolved organically as the company grew have become our mission statement, at the very core of what we do. So if you are looking for a web design and development company who practice what they preach and are diligent about what they do then get in touch.

Our team are always happy to discuss potential new projects so why not give us a call and get the ball rolling. Who knows, you might like us!

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