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Brand Identity

A powerful brand identity sets you apart from your competition.

Great logo design changes your future.

Your organisation identity should define you, and be instantly recognisable. It should establish trust and be a breath of fresh air in your industry. Your brand identity has a lot of work to do.

So make sure it’s in the hands of the experts.

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Tell us about your branding project

Let’s have a look at the process...

Pinning down the brief

We’ll take the time to discuss the project with you, to make sure we really get to the heart of what you want to achieve. We’ll take this opportunity to gather all the information that we need to draft a brief that ticks all the boxes.

Research, research, research

As mentioned above, we want your branding to be something fresh that sets you apart from your competition, yet slots neatly into your industry. So we’ll delve deep to build concrete foundations for the rest of the project. This will involve checking out the rest of the industry and perhaps asking you a few extra pertinent questions to make sure we’re on the right tracks.

Pencil to paper

This is our favourite bit. We brainstorm and sketch out some early ideas, conceptualising and playing with shapes and symbols until something starts to emerge. This step is crucial because it encourages us to consider things from every possible angle.

Emerging ideas

After the sketch and brainstorm session, the best ideas will always rise to the top. We’ll take these early routes and start to sketch them out digitally, usually using Adobe Illustration. If your logo involves text, we’ll test out various fonts to find the winner.

Client feedback

After allowing a little pondering time, our design team will present the most effective options for you to consider. This might involve several routes, or perhaps just one single idea that blows all others out of the water. At this point, you’re invited to give us your feedback so that we can make any necessary final tweaks.

The finishing touches

You’ll be supplied with your logo in a variety of file types so you’ve got a version for every output (for example in black and white, simplified versions etc.).

As you can see, good logo design takes time, but it’s time well spent. If you’d like our creative minds to get to work on your identity,
you only have to ask - Hire Us

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Kenward Trust

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Creative Communications Manager - Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance

Diligence provide a user-friendly service and logical Content Management System giving me the control I need and the capability to ensure the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust message is clear and concise. Our web presence is very important to us and with the need for instant recognition; I feel that our brand is perfectly understood and that Diligence is part of the Air Ambulance team. Approachable and friendly, we are often in communication about new ideas whether it be through our website, social networking or other platforms; Diligence are always happy to spend time discussing the options and working with me to make sure we grow and develop online.

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