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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance & Support Services

Tired web copy, broken links, outdated images and a ‘most recent’ blog post that’s months (years?) old. If you haven’t got the patience, confidence or, like many of our customers, the time to keep your website content fresh and engaging, there’s a team right here to help.

Our website maintenance specialists take all the stress out of keeping your site fresh and relevant by...

Creating new pages: Businesses grow, they thrive, they change. With our maintenance team on your side, you can be sure that your website will always reflect your most current offering.

Amending existing content: We can update and refresh what’s already there, whether it’s to test a new tone of voice or weed out information that’s no longer relevant.

Updating and installing new software: Old versions can lead to slow-loading pages or ineffective operations. We will check over your software regularly to make sure you’re running the most contemporary versions and offering the best UX journey.

Adding new functionality: Want to start a newsletter? We can set up a seamless capture form. Got a new social media account? We’ll link up icons for you. There are plenty of little tweaks and upgrades covered by our maintenance packages.

Dealing with support requests: Wouldn’t it be great to have a web expert at the end of the phone to answer your burning questions and fix bugs with amazing efficiency? With a Diligence maintenance package, that’s exactly what you get.

But that’s just covering the basics, the real magic starts when we set goals to continually enhance the performance of your website.

Evidence gathering: Our market is fascinating. In the digital realm, things are constantly changing, developing and, most importantly, improving. We’re always looking to our peers, modern web users and the wider market to research what works and what doesn’t. By gathering this critical evidence, we’re able to deliver cutting-edge digital support that abides by all the current rules and best practices. And you get digital tools that are tailored exactly to what your clients want and expect, which will do wonders for conversion rates.

UX (User Experience): Don’t give your visitors a reason to leave, because they will. A broken link, a slow-loading page, an iffy menu function... these things (and more) are all guaranteed to interrupt a slick user experience, and we’re here to iron them all out for you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO): Are you buried somewhere on the 50th page of Google’s results? 75% of users never scroll past page one (source:, so SEO remains as critical today as it’s ever been. We can help you secure a much healthier position, and drive valuable, targeted traffic to the right places.

Pay per click (PPC): Only pay for the clicks you win. And, in some cases, only pay for conversions. With PPC, targeting a very specific audience has never been easier, but it takes expert knowledge to deliver the best bang for your buck. Our PPC experts regularly build campaigns for our clients that lead to some very juicy results.

Hire us today (or drop us a line) and we will be explain our maintenance enhancement packages in person or over the phone.

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Ivan Hughes - Electrical2Go

Diligence stood out from the start with a professional pitch and evaluation of our website, what was good, what wasn’t and how they could make the changes and improvements we wanted. There were no buzz words or baffling industry talk, it was a very refreshing experience. We’re now 12 months down the line and couldn’t be happier with our choice. We have a brand new site and we have seen some amazing growth in sales and visits which we wouldn’t have obtained without the advice and guidance of the Diligence team. To sum up, we wouldn’t be where we are now without Diligence. Thank you.

...Read more

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