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At Google’s last estimate, more than 40% of mobile searches have ‘local intent’. Or, to put in in plain English, imagine someone’s craving a really good burger. They plug ‘great burger restaurants’ into Google and they get a definitive list of the best spots nearby to curb their hunger.


Whether you’ve got one hub or several locations, the team at Diligence can craft a local SEO plan which makes your company the go-to for locals and visitors alike.


Our localised SEO services can…


Blend national and local approaches: All the tried-and-tested national SEO strategies will be applied, but with all the added extras that’ll help your local focus. Google+ pages, citations, reviews and a number of other factors will blend together and help you secure a top spot in your local listings.


Help you raise your local profile: There are many tips and tricks for boosting your local profile in line with our SEO efforts. And we’ll give them all to you so that, while we’re beavering away behind the scenes, you’re doing all the right things out front to complement our tech methods.


Keep reminding search engines that you’re there: With local SEO, it helps to keep tapping SEs on the shoulder, just to let them know you’re still around. We can resubmit your information regularly to make sure you remain firmly on all the major engines’ radars.


Provide you with transparent statistics: We know you’ll want to see what you’re getting for your money. We’ll provide you with reports that highlight how you’re doing in local searches, including how often you’re being seen, which search queries are leading people to you and details about any pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns we’re running.


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