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Build on evidence, design with direction

by Diligence Digital | 5th September 2017 Mission Statement

Diligence Mission Statement Part one - Build on evidence, design with direction

There are many potential approaches to building a website. You could create some designs based purely on your own subjective opinion of what looks nice. You could grab a free Wordpress template and throw a site together for very little money (and even less thought). You could look at some sites you like and steal ideas from them. OR you could:
  • read up on independent studies that have been carried out into website usability to get a generalised understanding of what works and what doesn't
  • research the specific market you are in to find out what your potential customers will want from a website
  • create some initial designs and subject them to preference testing from your potential userbase
  • build the best performing design and run usability testing to ensure it is up to scratch
  • continue monitoring and improving the website after launch based on testing, analytics and customer feedback
One of these approaches is consistent with the idea of evidence based web design, the others are not. Any guesses?

Evidence based web design is rooted in the scientific method. The same scientific method that has given us modern medicine, landed man on the moon and discovered previously unthought of secrets of the universe. Frankly if it's good enough to blast a rocket into space at 17,000 miles an hour and land a probe on an asteroid 400 million miles away then it's good enough for us. If you would prefer a spiritual design service in which your innermost desires are read through a crystal ball and turned into html code then you should probably go elsewhere.

Building websites which can reliably be expected to achieve their specified goals does take time and effort. Some people still think that they can just throw together a website and the money will come pouring in. Sadly that is not the case. You need a plan, you need evidence to back that plan up and you need to constantly monitor and re-evaluate that plan in order to keep on track. If you do all those things you stand a good chance of success. If you don't then frankly, who knows. You might get lucky, you might not. The point is if you want to give your business the best chance of success then evidence based design is the way for you!


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