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Website Cost Calculator

How much does a website cost? As a web design company we are asked this a lot. It's a tough question to answer unless you have a specification of requirements from the client.

However with our 20+ years experience of the web design and development process, we thought it was time we tackled this question head on, and created a 'Website Calculator' based on an average of all the web design projects we have created over the years.

This calculator is for projects built on our own custom content management system (CMS) and includes mandatory elements (CMS licence, design etc) as well as a host of optional add on's which will be needed for some projects but not others.

The prices are based primarily on the amount of time required for each element. You may be surprised by how much time and energy goes into crafting a really successful website, with a full team of talented professionals ensuring that our clients see healthy returns on their investment. 

Please note, prices returned by the calculator do not constitute a formal quote for your project. This is a guide only.

Mandatory Optional

Project Planning

This by far is the most undervalued area of the process. A successful website isn't just created, it has to be planned out. Who are your audience? Where do they hang out online? What do you want your website to achieve? There are so many questions that need to be answered regarding your business, your business approach, your audience and creating goals.

Overlooking the planning stage and just assuming you know what your customers want can be an expensive mistake to make. 

Prototyping & Design

Now that we know what your website has to achieve and who it needs to engage with, it's always wise to visualise the website before design. Wireframes and a working prototype of your website are quicker to produce and amend after feedback. They allow you to iron out any usability issues and ensure the customer journey flows before any design and development takes place - trust us, you do not want to be making changes during the development stage.

You wouldn't make changes to a house while it's being constructed, all the changes take place with blueprints and architect models. This is the same principle, its worth the initial investment as making changes during the development can result in addtional expenses. 

Template Building

Your new website will need a number of different templates designed and built. How many exactly, will be down to the requirements of the project. We have included a few common templates in our calculator, but you can use the drop down to create the total number of additional templates you require. This stage is commonly known as 'front end development' 

How many other templates do you think you will need? E.g. videos, testimonials etc.

Content Management System

You will need a Content Management System (CMS) on your website. This allows you to update and change the content on your website quickly and easily. A CMS is also commonly referred to as a 'platform'. There are lots of platforms available, some are free like Wordpress and others you have to pay for. As a company we can work with Wordpress, Magento and our own highly crafted CMS, that we have developed and designed so that even the most non technical person can use with minimal training. Our calculator is based on our CMS, which we would be happy to showcase to you.

Some of the features include:

  1. Administrator Access
  2. Schedule Content
  3. File Manager
  4. Template Integration
  5. SEO Friendly URL's
  6. Breadcrumbs
  7. Print Friendly Pages
  1. Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Integration
  2. Bulk Photo Gallery Upload
  3. Social Media Integration
  4. YouTube & Vimeo Integration
  5. Contact Module

CMS Modules

In addition to managing content, our CMS also boasts a range of additional functionality in the form of modules. These can be added to any CMS project and customised to suit the specific project requirements. We are also able to create completely unique custom modules built to your requirements.

Post Launch Support

We provide a post launch support package of up to 4 weeks during which time we will address any minor update requests and check for and fix any bugs in the website while monitoring it's performance against the original project goals. For additional long term support we have our website maintenance retainers.

Total Cost Of Your New Site


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