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Electrical 2 Go

"On target to turning over £1.4million this year"
Correction we actually achieved £1.6million.

Client Overview
Phase Electrical are a wholesaler of electrical goods with several branches throughout the south-east as well as an ecommerce website with a very high level of turnover. They were recognised as one of the 1000 companies to inspire Britain in 2014 by the London Stock Exchange.

Our Role
After securing the relationship in January 2015, the 'Diligent Ones', analysed and went about creating a plan based on evidence rather than just an educated guess. The goal quite simply was to increase revenue and the number of transactions. With a website of more than 20,000 products the challenge was set. Overnight we became an extension to Electrical2Go's team and by joining forces, we created a team to take on the sector. We often speak of 'evidence based design' and how important it is to plan around facts rather than hearsay or personal taste. Well it has been a joy to work with Electrical2Go as they agreed with our approach to:

  • read up on independent studies that have been carried out into website usability to get a generalised understanding of what works and what doesn't

  • research the specific market you are in to find out what your potential customers will want from a website

  • create some initial designs and subject them to preference testing from your potential userbase

  • build the best performing design and run usability testing to ensure it is up to scratch

  • continue monitoring and improving the website after launch based on testing, analytics and customer feedback

Electrical2Go are a perfect case study to showcase what can be achieved within 25 months. And a perfect working relationship, where we support the client with loading 1000's of products regularly each year, design and development enhancements based on continued monitoring, adwords (PPC) management where we achieve revenue of £10 to every £1 spent, maintenance of magento platform and hosting arrangements to make sure the website is served rapidly to customers.

The Results

  • Revenue up 409%

  • Transactions up 372%

  • Ecommerce Conversion Rates up 171%

  • New Visitors up 55%

Take a look at the website for yourself - Electrical2Go


In 2015 The 'Diligent Ones' have had a direct involvement in generating an extra £234,000 of sales.

In 2016 we broke the £1million turnover barrier, we aimed for £1.48million and achieved £1.6million

In 2017.... we will let you know in 2018.

How did we do it? I hear you ask. Well you will just have to call us to find out - 01424 447858.


"In December 2014 we restructured our web department and we no longer wanted to run everything in-house. We were lacking expertise. We felt we had a good structure and a good team, we knew the industry but we didn’t know the web. We approached and met with several web development companies trying to find the best fit for us. We were looking for a professional company to help develop and grow our website.

Diligence stood out from the start with a professional pitch and evaluation of our website, what was good, what wasn’t and how they could make the changes and improvements we wanted. There were no buzz words or baffling industry talk, it was a very refreshing experience.

We’re now 12 months down the line and couldn’t be happier with our choice. We have a brand new site and we have seen some amazing growth in sales and visits which we wouldn’t have obtained without the advice and guidance of the Diligence team. They have done everything we have asked and more. The communication has been fantastic, the Diligence team are always available to answer our queries and offer help. Diligence have also taken over maintenance of our trade site.

Whether we need to speak to Adam regarding a technical issue, need advice from Lee on SEO or request one of James’ straight forward reports nothing has been too much trouble and we really do feel they care.

To sum up, we wouldn’t be where we are now without Diligence. Thank you. "

- Ivan Hughes - Electrical 2 Go

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