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How much does a website cost?

by Diligence Digital | 30th April 2018 Web Design

How much does a website cost?


How much does a website cost? A question that very rarely has a simple answer, especially if you are not certain what it is you want or need your website to do. Put simply, a website can be as cheap or as expensive as you want, it’s all dependent on what results you want to see.


There are so many agencies out there, all offering different prices and services but with very few openly advertising their costs it can be difficult to know how much is too much.


Maybe you're a large company looking to expand - you’ll probably require a complex ecommerce system, advanced functionality, a bespoke booking system (the list could go on) to really give your brand the platform it needs to flourish. If so you are likely to be looking at parting with more than a couple of thousand pounds. But if it means seeing the highest possible return on investment, it could be the best money you've ever spent.


On the other end of the spectrum you could be a small business that simply wouldn't benefit from a whole host of additional features, and that’s fine, a basic well designed brochure site could be all that you need to reach your goals.


The trick is to find an agency that has significant experience working with businesses of similar size to yours. Here at Diligence Digital we do just that, from nationally recognised brands to individuals just wanting to share information, we know what you need (and what you don't) to get your website working for you. Whilst additional features will of course incur an extra cost, impeccable design and user experience are things we take great pride in and come as standard with any one of our packages.


To make all of this easier to digest we have tried to provide a simple break down of a website, all of its compulsory and optional components and let you pick and choose which ones you want. Our website cost calculator allows you to custom build your website and receive an instant quote, giving you the flexibility to construct a model that fits your budget.  We have tried to keep it simple, giving an outline of what each component is and how it could benefit your site.

Of course much of the discussion so far has been around start up costs, however like a new car needs regular financial input for petrol and upgrades to keep it going so does your website. Keeping content fresh and engaging is a necessity and so too is keeping on top of any link breaks or design changes. We do of course offer these services as a digital retainer package when you take on a project with us, where our team work with you to keep your site performing to its full potential. You will also need to think about ongoing hosting costs and SEO, all of which are necessary to make your initial investment worthwhile.


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