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Our Work - Cooling Castle Barn

by Adam Harding | 26th March 2018 Our Work

Back In 2017 our diligent team set about constructing a strong online digital presence for the superb high-end wedding venue, Cooling Castle Barn. Using our in-house creativity and expertise the aim was to develop a truly bespoke user experience, giving clients greater ability to manage their own weddings without such reliance on staff.  And so we did. Building all UI, UX and coding from scratch, we designed and built an extensive wedding planner tool to be integrated into the Cooling Castle Barn website.


The planner was, and still is, a huge success with our client and their customers and continues to serve as an excellent tool in helping to take the stress out of organising a wedding.  “Diligence has the rare ability to combine robust software with outstanding design… We have every confidence in using Diligence for our ongoing digital investment.” (Rebecca Collins, Cooling Castle Barn)


The wedding planner tool


The tool has been designed to guide users through the different elements of wedding organisation with ease, taking everything into consideration, from payment and meeting schedules to table planning and food choices. No detail big or small gets left behind.


From the moment you login, you are greeted with a useful overview of how the planning is going and any upcoming milestones you might need to address. The design is welcoming, friendly and easy to navigate, afterall planning a wedding should be fun.


Our guestlist tool saves time and makes keeping track of your guests and their requirements simple, whilst the table planner provides a clean platform to quickly change seating arrangements as many times as you like with very little hassle.




If accounts and number crunching are not your idea of fun, we have constructed a simplified accounts and payments service that clearly lays out how your budget is looking. We have also developed a personal timeline where you can store and refer back to all of your key wedding details quickly and easily.




To make wedding organisation even simpler we have developed a handy reporting tool, meaning users can quickly pull summaries and lists together with very little effort. This is fantastic if you need a comprehensive update on RSVPs, menu choices, accounts or accomodation details all in one place.  We’ve even thrown in a useful data overview at the top of the report for those who love a statistic.



Whilst the tool was designed with usability and navigation at the core, we do of course understand that some users may require a little extra guidance.  So with that in mind we have provided a simple no-nonsense set of instructions to get you going.


To really help bring the business/ customer relationship closer together, we have built a messaging service that allows staff to contact clients through their own portal, making communication around updates and other details easier and more efficient. The staff portal is designed with both business and clients needs in mind; from here messages between departments can be exchanged, appointments and events can be visualised and individual clients can be searched for.


Wedding Planner App  


Here at Diligence Digital we like to think of new and exciting ways we can take our work that bit  further, so naturally we took the wedding planner tool to the next level and created an app. Utilising all of the information from the full planner, the idea behind the app was to provide users with important information and updates when a laptop or computer are not to hand. The challenge here was to design something that would encourage clients to regularly check in and update their details.


The team came up with a notification system to help engage users with the app, a message is automatically sent as each new milestone is reached, for example ‘payment must be made today’ or ‘new guest rsvp’. This way, users can quickly update any information there and then.


With the app, users are given a quick, bold update on their personal milestones upon logging in with a daily countdown tracker welcoming them back into the world of wedding planning.



From here our simple navigation takes the user through the key event updates, beginning with a personal timeline and checklist of the main elements of the big day, highlighting any outstanding tasks requiring attention. The purpose of the timeline been broken down in this way is to allow the user to update their details one section at a time as opposed to an entire form, encouraging clients to make more regular use of the app.


A quick update on guest numbers is always useful when organising various elements of a wedding, and our guest status visualisations give users an instant picture of where they are and what still needs to be done. These charts do however hold a greater purpose, not only do they clearly show how close to completion certain aspect of the wedding are,  they also allow people to update small parts of their information at a time.


This can be especially useful when thinking of catering, which leads nicely into the next navigational element of the app. Using drop down selection boxes, the user is able to choose and amend the menu options they desire, making the process simple for both the staff and client.

Finally an overview of accounts and payments gives the user a clear timeline of payments made, details of what the payment was for and of course, the running total of the event. The user need only look at the top of the page to quickly identify how much of their budget has been allocated.




As with the full tool, the messaging system provides instant access to messages and quick contact with staff to help make the whole experience of wedding planning as smooth as possible.


We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and extremely proud of the tool and app we have created. However here at Diligence Digital we dont believe our work should stop there. Maintaining strong relationships with our clients and continuing to build on their brand is something we value,  and now looking forward to see what the future holds with Cooling Castle Barn.



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