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Our Work - Flu Camp

by Adam Whitnall | 26th March 2018 Graphic Design

We are a creative bunch here at Diligence Digital and when we were given the chance to design imagery for a Facebook campaign of course we jumped at it, any excuse to get the sketchpad out.


The client was FluCamp, a clinical trials company based in London who rely heavily on volunteers to support their work in discovering a cure to some of the most common viral illnesses in the UK (namely colds and flu).
Facebook Campaign Imagery


The campaign titled #everydayhero, was aimed at significantly boosting brand awareness through social media. We conducted our research and drew up ideas for discussion before finally deciding to inject some colour into the campaign, along with superhero illustrations to really make it stand out.  The use of bold, bright colours alongside the imagery already largely associated with the brand provided a sharp yet captivating contrast, grabbing the attention of its audience.


Split across three demographics we set about tying the colours into the photographs with the use of bright capes to fit the superhero theme, inspiring people to make a difference by getting involved with the campaign.


Ages 18-45


Female ages 35-45



Age 45 +



In true Diligence style we were keen to take this project to the next level and suggested the introduction of gaming to help boost the campaign even further, showing how games can really help drive brand awareness. The client was excited to move forward with the idea and so ‘germ grabber’ was born just before christmas of 2017.

Whilst the game served many purposes, including keeping participants entertained at the camp, it’s main goal was to engage with one of its most prominent target markets; students. Designed to complement the social media campaign, the game gave people the opportunity to engage with the brand beyond adverts alone.  


As players were challenged to get their highest score, they were also required to share the game, the brand and its marketing message with their peers and given the chance to win one of 3 ipads in return. As with every client, we were keen to continue thinking of new and creative ways to help develop the brand and following on from these pieces of work, we were very excited to be asked to design vinyl decals to cover the walls of their clinic.
'Germ Grabber' Game


At Diligence Digital we firmly believe in the power of games to boost brand affiliation and engagement in a way that other methods of advertising sometimes struggle to. We have successfully delivered several gaming platforms for our clients including South West Trains for which we created a number of projects,  one of the most successful being the ‘24 carriages of christmas’ campaign which attracted over 70,000 new visitors during the run up to christmas of 2016; a fantastic achievement.


Over the last 10 years or so we have designed, developed and delivered over 25 different gaming structures with the proven potential to increase social fans by over a third. For more information on how we could help you use game-centred marketing to boost your brand please contact us or visit the Diligence Digital site.


As you can see, at Diligence Digital, we are much more than just a web company, why not give our creative services a try.

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