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We are diligent about detail

by Diligence Digital | 10th August 2017 Mission Statement

Diligence Mission Statement Part two - We are diligent about detail

When we talk about details we don't just mean getting the spelling right and repairing broken links. Well considered and implemented details add immeasurably to the user experience. Things like genuinely informative alert messages and correctly placed/coloured buttons can increase the conversion rate on contact or feedback forms. A slick checkout process which encourages the customer along at every step will lead to an increase in transactions. A carefully detailed product listing with the key product features highlighted will bring an increase in sales.

These things are fairly obvious when you think about them. Which we do. A lot. What may be less obvious is that when all these little details are brought together within a consistent framework they actually become part of the design of the website, contributing to the look and feel of the site, enhancing the user experience and just generally making the world a better place!

"The details are not the details, they are the design" - Charles Eames

Paying attention to detail during any customer interaction, be it online or face to face, will enhance the impression the customer has of your business. After all if you can demonstrate to your customers that you are on top of the little things that can only increase their confidence in you. And brand confidence is one of the most important things potential customers consider when making purchases or choosing a company to work with.

The service industry already understands the importance of details. For example, research has shown that waitresses get an average 17% higher tip by drawing a smiley face on the bill. Restaurants routinely use 'anchor pricing' strategies - displaying a high priced dish on the menu to make everything else look like a bargain by comparison. Some areas of the digital world are lagging behind in this regard, but many have caught on to the importance of details and those that don't will soon find themselves struggling to keep up.

At Diligence we love finding clever ways to edge those conversion rates ever higher and always strive to keep our clients ahead of the game. So for more 'detail' on what we can do for your business just give us a call on 01424 447858.


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